The Wider Web

The Wider Web is a company established by seasoned technologists, with a mission to support the impending digital changes in the world. Being an experienced research team, we always look to embrace game-changing technologies. Our team has been working on Blockchain and related technologies since it’s inception. The team have a wealth of experience with software development, IT architecture, Cryptography and AI, and have helped make solid developments in Blockchain technology.

Today we are a well-equipped company who have built and maintained a raft of Blockchain services such as smart contracts, hyper ledger applications, cryptocurrency, and wallets development. To meet the growing industry demands we are also into Blockchain consultancy services and Global Blockchain development services.

We provide a bespoke and reliable solution for your business requirements. Developing and delivering scalable and reliable Blockchains, underpinned with smart contract management systems to automate processes.

Blockchain Vision

Our blockchain consulting programs will allow you to:

  • Advisory services and Market expertise – Blockchain Strategy
  • Financial Services – Company and Industry Research
  • Development – Automated market-making tool, leveraging third-party liquidity sources.
  • Blockchain Strategy – Expertise as a service for critical decisions
  • Smart Systems & Data Storage – Content Distribution
  • Exchange Solutions – Payments & a digital asset exchange 

Blockchain, How it works

Partner With Us

If you would like to partner with us, or have any questions about our partnership programme, please contact us.

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